Jack Kirby’s Galactic Bounty Hunters

With trades and hardcovers being all the range, and now everything being released in a digital format, there’s no lack of Jack Kirby material to read. So should you give Jack Kirby’s Galactic Bounty Hunters a shot?

The first question you might be asking is what is it? Galactic Bounty Hunters was a miniseries put out by Marvel’s creator-owned imprint Icon in 2006. Makes sense.

So how did the world get a Jack Kirby comic nearly twelve years after his death?

Galactic Bounty Hunters is a completion of one of Jack’s projects that was never finished. His daughter, Lisa, along with Steve Robertson, Mike Thibodeaux and Richard French were able to flesh out the concept and this book is the result.

This is a pretty straight-forward story, about science fiction writer Jack Berkley, whose books chronicle his secret real-life adventures as a space exploring bounty hunter. His life is pretty tame until his son Garrett finds out about his secret past. It’s up to Jack to team up with his old Galactic Bounty Hunter pals, as they go on a cosmic adventure to save his son.

Lisa and Steve are the primary writers of this, adapting the concept and story to comic form. Thibodeaux (a long time Kirby collaborator) handles the art which does a great job mimicing Kirby’s style.

Super fans will also be happy, as Kirby’s Captain Victory and his Galactic Rangers also make an appearance during the minisereis.

This was a fun read; very light in tone. It’s certainly not groundbreaking material by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m glad I picked it up. Galactic Bounty Hunters would definitely make a great concept for a kid’s cartoon or video game series. Hint hint.