12 Gifts of Christmas: The Looney Toons Show

The new The Looney Toons Show might just be the best adult animated series on television these days. The crew over at Warner Brothers Animation took a classic property, mildly twisted it and have gold on their hands. Gold I tell you!

There are two video volumes of the series that you can purchase and both are recommended. This newest incarnation features Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck primarily, as the two are roommates in Bugs’ suburban Los Angeles home. There’s a definite bit of an Odd Couple dynamic between the two of them that works. The pair interacts with the rest of their animated pals throughout the city, including Speedy Gonzales who operates the local pizzeria, their extremely inconsiderate neighbor Yosemite Sam, and their really whiny and weird pal Porky.

The humor of this show is a lot like that of the Shrek and Pixar films, where its funny for kids but there is a lot of sophisticated humor. A perfect example of that is the Bugs-Lola Bunny-Daffy Duck love triangle.

So yes, get this for people as a gift. Whether you buy them the DVDs, or send them a single episode from iTunes or Amazon digitally. They will really thank you for it.