Hanging with Shaquille O’Neal


Breaking rims with ShaqShaquille O’Neal is one of my favorite basketball players of all time and I love this figure from McFarlane Toys.

Shaq is dunking the ball with such power. His face is priceless. How powerful is Shaq? He broke the basketball rim after being on display for a couple days!

The detail on this is really good; his tattoos are accurate and they used some glossy paint to make him look sweaty. I know that’s disgusting, but its a really well done effect.


Project Defense Day 29/30: Jazz and Timberwolf


Timberwolf is a billionaire who has taken it upon himself to be a superhero and protect the Minneapolis area. Kelvin Cornette (I wonder who this is supposed to be) has spent millions of his countless fortunes to train around the world as a super detective/fighter.

Petra Marvich fights crime in Salt Lake City as Jazz. Armed with her mutant ability to shoot out solid sound bursts, she spends her time as a professional adventurer, fighting crime in the Rocky Mountains.

And we’re done with Project Defense! Woo hoo! NBA season, here we come!

Project Defense Day 28: Nugget


Our next hero is the Nugget! Nugget is a sentient piece of liquid gold who can shape shift (like the T-1000) but is an eons old sentient spirit. He lives in the Rocky Mountains and fights off supernatural threats to mankind!

Sorry for the lack of posts of late, but I’ve been swamped. We’ll get through the final two in time for Christmas and the NBA tip off!

Project Defense Day 27: Thunder


Our next hero comes from Oklahoma City and his name is Thunder! Sterling Roddericks  is a scientist at Oklahoma State University who accidentally was shocked by lightning and somehow can now generate it! So he calls himself Thunder.

His costume is lame, just like the real life Oklahoma City Thunder’s uniforms!

Project Defense Day 26: Leonard Walton, Trailblazer

Leonard Walton, Trailblazer

Our next super hero is professional adventurer named Leonard Walton, Trailblazer. He’s a special forces agent from Britain’s SAS who left the service to move to northwestern North America. His one man war against international crime is combated with his mastery of tactics, weaponry and combat skills.

Project Defense Day 25: The King

The King

Sacramento’s super hero, the King not only protects the capital of California with his mastery of combat, but with his mental powers! Archie Weber (an amalgam of the names of Kings legends Nate “Tiny” Archibald and Chris “No Time Outs Left” Weber) is a mutant with the super powers of telepathy and telekinesis, both of which he uses to protect the city.


Project Defense Day 23: The Laker


ORIGIN: George Baylor is an orphaned alien in Los Angeles. With super powers from his long forgotten home world, he protects Tinseltown!

POWERS:  Super strong…flight…indestructable…the Superman of the NBA universe.

OTHER:  His name is a tribute to Lakers greats George Mikan and Elgin Baylor.

Project Defense Day 21: The Clipper


Our next hero is the second most popular super hero from Los Angeles the Clipper!

ORIGIN: The Clipper has a stolen top secret liquid metal armor suit that he uses to fight crime.

POWERS:  Super durable…liquid metal armor changes shape to protect him as needed usually in the form of sharp things.

Project Defense Day 20: Mr. Grizzly


Our next hero is the Mr. Grizzly!

ORIGIN: Mr. Grizzly is a mutant bear, not a human! He was born humanoid and left the zoo to start a career as a private investigator and he fights crime in Memphis, when not eating barbecue.

POWERS:  Super strong…powers of a bear

OTHER:  His weakness is barbecue. I got the idea from Tim the Bear from The Cleveland Show.

Project Defense Day 19: The Hornet


Our next hero is the guardian of New Orleans, the Hornet!

ORIGIN: Christina Paul uses her mutant powers to protect Louisiana.

POWERS:  Hornet is a mutant, who can grow retractable wings as well as fire paralyzing energy blasts from her hands.

OTHER:  Her name is a play on current Hornets point guard Chris Paul, who I go back and forth on whether I like or not.

Project Defense Day 17: The Spur


Today lets keep in the great state of Texas and bring you the Spur!

ORIGIN: David Gervin and his horse Timmy were on a prairie back in the 1880s and they accidentally time traveled to now. Going under the name the Spur, he’s a vigilante.

POWERS:  He’s a cowboy, and he’s wanted dead or alive.

OTHER:  His name refers to Spurs greats George “Iceman” Gervin and David Robinson. The horse’s namesake is Tim Duncan.

Project Defense Day 16: Maverick


Well, the NBA season is back on and lets celebrate with our Dallas themed hero, Maverick!

ORIGIN: When Jason Blackman utters the phrase No Vitt Skee he gains super powers and fights crime in the Big D.

POWERS:  Super strong, can fly. Not super indestructible.

OTHER:  His name refers to Mavs greats Rolando Blackman and Jason Kidd, and his phrase is Dirk’s last name spelled phonetically. His super powers are a lot like Hawk from Hawk and Dove fame.

Project Defense Day 15: Boga the Bull

BullOur next hero is is the bovine guardian of Chicago, Boga the Bull!

ORIGIN: Boga the Bull is an alien from the planet Bovus. He’s been deployed by the Intergalactic Bovan Safety Squad to Earth, where he’s decided to settle as a super hero in Chicago

POWERS:  Master of hand to hand combat, weaponry, super strong, technology, being a bully

OTHER:  His name is Turkish for Bull. I kind of imagine him being like a kinder Guy Gardner.

Project Defense Day 13: Pacer


Our next hero is is the speed racer from Hoosier state, the Pacer!

ORIGIN: Danny Miller was always a speed demon. After being hit by a cosmic rock, he gained super speed.

POWERS:  Above average intellect and fighting skills….Can move at the speed of Mach 7

OTHER:  His name refers to Pacers Danny Granger and Reggie Miller. Kind of funny, but he reminds me visually of Booster Gold.

Project Defense Day 11: Cavalier


Our next hero is is the courageous crusader of Cleveland, the Cavalier!

ORIGIN: Marcy Price puts the skills she learned at Brown University to good work. By day she’s a research librarian, by night she puts her NCAA All American Fencing and Gymnastic skills to work as the Cavalier!

POWERS:  Master of hand to hand combat, weaponry, gymnastics, swordsmanship, research/spying.

OTHER:  There’s a lot of the Barbara Gordon Batgirl in this character. Her name is a reference to Cavs legend Mark Price. She’s still bitter about Lebron.

Project Defense Day 10: Orlando Magic


Our next hero is is the bad ass adventurer based in Orange County, Orlando Magic!

ORIGIN: Magic is a professional adventurer based out of Orlando, Florida. He was a top interpol agent before he decided to go solo.

POWERS:  Master of hand to hand combat, weaponry, pilot.

OTHER:  Yeah, I was at a loss for this one, especially since I didn’t want him to be a repeat of our Wizard character.