Checking Out Pro Wrestling Syndicate

Me with Jushin LigerI know I’m almost a month late on this but one of the best things of Wrestlemania being in my home state of New Jersey this year was that the area was filled with all kinds of professional wrestling goodness for about a week. A busy schedule made it really hard to participate in the festivities, but I was able to check out one of the Pro Wrestling Syndicate shows on April 4 in Metuchen, New Jersey.

I was on the fence about going to anything that week, but the fact that Japanese wrestling legend Jushin “Thunder” Liger was added to the card made it a can’t miss event. Which lead to me getting the¬†picture¬†above.DSC_0202

Liger was put in a match with Davey Richards of ROH and Anthony Nese who has been appearing in TNA and Dragon Gate USA. The match was really fun with Liger busting out all his trademark moves and such. I still remember the first time I saw Liger on WCW television probably sometime during 1990 and to this day I’m still just as amazed by him.

Kevin Steen

Local PWS guys aside, there were so many random wrestlers on the show, like Kevin Steen, the Hurricane, Simon Dean, Elijah Burke, Shelly Martinez, Tommy Dreamer and even New Jack! It was like playing Fire Pro Returns on random.

Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton of the Rock N Roll Express

That said, the most random match of the night was the Rock N Roll Express vs.the Briscoe Brothers. It was amazing; Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton have probably wrestled the same match since the early 1980s and it still works.

You can view all of the pictures here.