Power Girl #26

In this day of trade paperbacks and extended story arcs, the single issue story is becoming a lost art form. Power Girl #26 proves that a single issue story can still be just as compelling as a longer one.

As the cover to your left shows, the story is fairly simple. Writer Matthew Sturges has Power Girl signing autographs to a bunch of her fans, all dressed up as their fans. One of her fans is from a race of aliens that captures Power Girl–along with the rest of her fans–in order to taker her DNA and use it to start an army of super powerful soldiers. It’s up to Power Girl’s adoring fans to step up and save the day and get everyone back home to planet Earth.

Guys, this is the perfect comic to get your girlfriend or lady friends hooked on funny books. Every character in this book is a woman, so everyone is relatable. It’s not tied up with years of continuity and you get a full story that makes sense. It’s also very friendly, artistically speaking. Sami Basri’s art style is superb, and all the ladies in the book have realistic body types. Come on, everyone knows that those BABEALICIOUS~! pin-up super heroines discourages women from going to comics stores. This issue of Power Girl is something any lady can be proud of reading.