It Came From San Diego Comic Con 2013: GI Joe vs. Transformers


For the last few years, Hasbro has had a GI Joe vs. Transformers set as an exclusive for the San Diego Comic Con. This summer the company has completely outdone themselves.

The set comes with three figures. The Snake Eyes is pretty forgettable, but the rest are amazing. It comes with a figure of the Decepticon Bludgeon’s Pretender exterior. The Pretenders aren’t just Chrissy Hynde’s backing band; they were a sub-line of Transformers that gave the robots a humanoid exterior. And in Bludgeon’s case, it was a zombie samurai. I’m also loving that Baroness comes with the evil Ravage in the right scale to the rest of the GI Joe figures.gijoe-sdcc-2013-4On the vehicular side, it comes with two Autobot inspired vehicles for the GI Joes. The classic VAMP jeep is decorated to look like Hound, who turned into a military jeep.

And to protect the sky, the GI Joe Skystriker attack plane is made up to look like the Autobot Jetfire. This is extra awesome, as Jetfire himself was a re-decoed Valkyrie plane from the old Robotech toy line, and this vehicle is in scale with the old Robotech action figures. Nerd bliss, I tell you.gijoe-sdcc-2013-3

It also comes with Blaster, who transformed into a boom box and you can ‘t get more 1980s then that. But Blaster also comes with the cassette tapes that turned into tiny Autobot spies. How cool is that!

My birthday is coming up and I would love any of these!

It Came From San Diego Comic Con 2013: Wolverine Saga Minimates

sdcc-wolverine-saga-minimatesMini Mates are always a lot of fun and at San Diego Comic Con this July there is an exclusive Wolverine set. The most awesome is Wolverine an orange kimono. That’s his version of business casual.

The Wolverine-as-Venom is pretty cool as well. I’m not sure if the Space Suite Wolverine really looks more like Wolverine wearing the skin of the Thing. And as we all remember, admantium does in fact cut up the Thing very nicely. The set is rounded out with his current costume and him in his Ultimate Universe attire.


It Came From San Diego Comic Con 2013: Masters of the Universe Classics Rokkon And Stonedar


Now this is ridiculously awesome.Back in my childhood, Rokkon and Stonedar were two of my favorite characaters in the whole Masters of the Universe pantheon. And now they’re back…in San Diego Comic Con exclusive form.

These guys came out right at the tail end of the Masters of the Universe line and sadly don’t have much of a lasting impression, but they’re still really cool characters. They are part of a species of rock people called, well, Rock People. They never appeared in the He-Man cartoons properly but did make some appearances in She-Ra.

Rokkon and Stonedar were so much fun to play with. The original figures transformed between a humanoid form and an asteroid . The sculpting–for 1986 standards–was really well done, but sadly the articulation feature made them really fragile.

The 2013 version of the figures solves that. The bodies are the really cool modern version that the Four Horsemen sculpt and it solves the problem of the original figures. Their rocky exterior is clip on plate armor!

I’ve not been collecting the new Masters of the Universe figures, save for Faker and the Sorceress, but I am really tempted to get these…what do you think?