Solo Avengers #5

Solo Avengers was an on-going anthology series featuring everyone’s favorite purple and blue archer Hawkeye. The fifth issue had him face his former mentor Trickshot in a battle to the death on an uninhabited island.

Now your probably saying that’s great, but who the heck is Trickshot? Long story short of it, Hawkeye grew up as an orphan in a travelling  circus, and Trickshot took him under his wing.

He trained our hero to be an archery performer, but his love of armed robbery split up this partnership. This story is basically a fight between master and apprentice. So who walks away the winner?

No one technically.

Trickshot is defeated by Hawkeye, who learns that his former mentor is suffering from terminal cancer and this whole thing has been an elaborate way for have an elaborate death at the hands of Hawkeye, who wants nothing to do with this.

Instead Hawkeye forgives Trickshot–who has tried to kill him and his brother over the years–and agrees to help him find and pay for medical help. What a nice guy.