The Hood #1

The Hood was one of those characters that kind of snuck up on me. I really didn’t pay much attention to the character until he rose to prominence in the Bendis-era Avengers. The first issue of this mini-series sets out to explain just who Parker Robbins really is.

The Hood #1 stars out with Parker visiting his comatose mother in the hospital, where every time he tells her a different story about his personal successes. It turns out that he’s actually a street level criminal who lives a pretty sad life. He has a pregnant girlfriend, but still enjoys picking up the occasional hooker. This issue explains how he winds up becoming the supernatural crime lord.

Long story short, Parker mugs a demon and takes his cloak (er hood) and magic boots. That’s it. It’s a simple story and I really don’t have a need to check out the rest of the story. But its in good fun, and Brian K. Vaughn’s writing is tops here.