Friday Fights #10: Red Tornado vs. the Vision


This week it’s time for a battle of two super powered, super awkward emotional androids; I’m talking about the Red Tornado and the Vision. What happens when these two crimson skinned cybernetic beings do battle?

From a power and ability perspective, these two are evenly matched. Red Tornado is super strong and able to create vortexes worse than anything a naturally occurring tornado could produce. That is negated by the Vision’s ability to adjust his body mass index on the fly; either making himself immovably dense or light enough to not sustain any damage.

Both are also pretty unstoppable; Red Tornado can rebuild himself with nanotech on the fly and Vision continually gets re-powered from his Solar Jewel, drawing energy from the sun. They both even have the brainwaves/memories of someone else at the core of their personality.

So who would win this fight?

I think I’m going to go with Red Tornado on this one. His elemental powers give him the slight edge over Vision.

Captain America and the Avengers Arcade Game

The X-Men weren’t the only super hero team to have an arcade game during my childhood. Earth’s mightiest heroes made their gaming debut in 1991’s Captain America and the Avengers.

The arcade game was simple. You and three of your friends (or in my case, my younger brother) could choose from Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye and the Vision to take on Marvel’s bad guys. Even at the time, I wondered why they would have chosen Vision over Thor.

The plot is very straightforward. You have to lead the Avengers into battle to stop the Red Skull and his army of mercenary villains from taking over the world. Some of Red Skull’s allies were logical, like Crossbones, Ultron and the Mandarin, all of whom had longstanding feuds with members of the Avengers. But you fight some odder choices like the Juggernaut, who is more appropriate for an X-Men game, and the Sentinels, who really have nothing to worry about with the Avengers.

The really cool thing about the game is the games special attacks, where other Avengers like the Wasp, Quicksilver and Wonder Man drop by to lend a helping hand.

After its debut in the arcades, Capain America and the Avengers was ported to the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. I think it would make a fun addition to XBOX Live or the PSN, don’t you?

Splash Page Saturday #3

Captain America 113 by Jim Steranko

Captain America 113 by Jim Steranko

Keeping with the theme of Independence Day, this wee’s splash page comes Captain America #113 by Jim Steranko. It’s a really kinetic double page spread, with Cap fighting off a bunch of Hydra agents who are seemingly digging up Nick Fury and the Vision.

There’s a whole lot going on in this page in the malaise. There are Hydra goons flying everywhere. Look at the headstones in the back that are getting smashed. On the right side of the panel, Sterano uses the shadowy back of a tombstone as a text box. Very Eisner-esque.

And get a load of those guns! They look straight out of a Fourth World story!