Zombie Socky and Jamie

Zombie Socky and Jamie

Here’s a sketch of my two best sock puppet friends Socky and Jamie. The two are, well, internet celebrities with their weekly show. I tried pitching a zombie themed episode, but they passed.

Anyway, here’s some Socky and Jamie goodness!

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Santo y Captain America frente a Spider-Man

Mexican professional wrestler Santo ushered in the golden age of lucha libre during the 1950s. Santo was all over Mexico at that time; the popular masked man was one of the biggest celebrities, gracing children’s toys, magazine and newspaper covers, and much more. So it’s no surprise that Santo crossed over into movies.

This leads me to wonder one thing: how did the character Santo wind up in a movie teaming up with Captain America to fight off a zombie Spider-Man? If that doesn’t make your head explode, imagine this film being made and filmed for a Turkish audience!

The unauthorized 1973 film 3 Dev Adam (also known as Three Mighty Men and Turkish Spider-Man vs. Captain Turkish America) has become a worldwide cult film due to the general abdurdity of the plot. You don’t have to speak Turkish to realize that.

The premise of the film is simple; Captain America and Santo come to Istanbul to stop Spider-Man, who is running some sort of counterfeit money operation. This version of Spidey is a zombie, who cannot be killed and is continually regenerating himself like many arachnids when they lose limbs. Will the Mexican and American national icons be able to stop Spidey, before he brings crime to Istanbul?


The more you think about this movie, the more your head hurts. It’s become an urban legend of sorts in the comic book circles. I wonder if Turkish NBA players like Memo Okur or Hedo Turkoglu watched this when they were kids.

Better yet, I wonder if there’s a version of this film overdubbed in English? Now that’s something that everyone would like to see.