Green Lantern Toys At McDonalds!

I would have so loved this when I was a kid. McDonalds’ next set of Happy Meal toys feature Hal Jordan and some of the other characters from Green Lantern: The Animated SeriesThere’s a bunch of Hals, a Kilowog and even a Red Lantern who I can’t identify.

Green Lantern airs on the Cartoon Network. There is a new episode this Saturday at 10 am. Combine that with a bowl of Lucky Charms and you have a pretty accurate idea of how I’m spending Saturday morning.

6 thoughts on “Green Lantern Toys At McDonalds!

  1. I’ll try to tune in this Saturday as well.I’m not a huge GL fan but with the lack of Super Hero cartoons on Saturday,this will help fill some of that void.

  2. Yeah, the Red Lanterns are the antagonists for this season. They already introduced a member of the Blue Lantern Corps in a recent episode. Sinestro is excepted to make his debut at the end of this season or beginning of next.

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