Friday Fights #8: Juggernaut vs. Superman

A couple of years back, Kanye West re-popularized the phrase “no one man should have all that power” from Spike Lee’s Malcom X film. This week’s battle features two extremely powerful combatants: Superman and the Juggernaut.

As amazingly strong and indestructible as Superman is, Juggernaut is more powerful. Juggernaut can level mountains and throw skyscrapers around; Superman cannot.

And don’t forget that nothing stops the Juggernaut. Remember…he’s the Juggernaut, bitch

Superman does have a few tricks up his sleeve cape.

He can fly, he’s fast. Not to mention, he has heat vision and can freeze things with his breath. Those can only help him hold back or distract Juggernaut.

I imagine this fight would be very similar to the whole “Death of Superman” battle with Doomsday, where Superman fought and fought and fought until both he and the monster were completely incapacitated. WINNER: It will wind up a draw and everything around them will be destroyed. So I would say the real winner would be the clean up crews, as they have guaranteed work for months.

6 thoughts on “Friday Fights #8: Juggernaut vs. Superman

    • Juggernaut’s powers include immortality, he’s not a mutant, he got his powers from a god, that’s why he’s so powerful

    • In the end Juggernaut will win anyway, because Superman needs solar energy to sustain himself while Juggy does not need anything to sustain himself. Juggernaut can be only defeated by telepathy and magic. And Juggernaut cannot be defeated by heat vision. A full power optic blast from Cyclops (which can rival the heat vision of Superman) did nothing to Juggernaut.

  1. If Superman were to sundip, then I could see him winning this fight. But regular Superman would in no way defeat a being powered by an elder god. If sundipped Superman went against Trion Juggernaut, then they would end destroying each other.

  2. Didn’t we already see this fight when Gladiator dispatched Juggernaut? Anyway, don’t see how the guy that posted this thinks Juggernaut is stronger than Superman. Most DC superheroes are stronger than their Marvel counterparts with a few exceptions. Superman ain’t one of them. Even after the original Crises retcon Superman was stronger than Jugs. And his power has been slowly creeping back up since then.

    It’s worth noting though that Superman has a weakness to magic. So Juggernaut can probably hurt him if he hits him. However, Juggernaut doesn’t have super speed so that pretty much tanks this fight right there. Superman is just too fast for him. Once he finds out Juggie is invulnerable, Supes just ducks around his punches and tosses him straight into orbit for safe keeping until he gets back from the Fortress of Solitude a split second later with a Phantom Zone Projector set just for Jugs. End of story.

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